ECHOFORMATION Acoustics & Crystallography

ECHOFORM is a theory proposed by Jimmy Rotlewicz, which refers to the
acoustic interference as another variable in the crystallization of minerals

Acoustics and Crystallography

ECHOFORM is a scientific project, created and directed by Jimmy Rotlewicz, in which, he proposes the hypothesis of the influence of acoustic vibration as a determining factor in the structural ordering of matter. This idea is reached based on the observation and study of crystals with geometric star or cross type formations, commonly called Trapiches, which are found in almost all varieties of natural crystals known as diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, garnet, quartz , to name a few.

Our purpose is to continue documenting the findings presented on, by collecting geological information from primary and secondary sources; integrate a multidisciplinary team dedicated to the study of the influence of acoustic vibration in the ordering of matter; travel to the sites where trigger geological events occurred that provide evidence to support our thesis, and collect geological samples in situ for further laboratory study.

The Theory


This article illustrates the findings and postulates of Jimmy Rotlewicz about the crucial role of acoustics in the conformation of matter, which gives us a new vision about the history of our planet in the form in (scores) that they were written in stone for our interpretation and exploration.

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The video in this section deeply documents the phenomenon studied, demonstrating how samples of “trapiche” type formations in crystals are found throughout the planet and in different minerals, which until now have not been sufficiently explained idea about their origin.

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